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Diamond Painting Kits (26)

Mickey & Friends - 5D Diamond Painting Kit

$16.80 USD$22.40 USD

Magic World - 5D Diamond Painting Kit

$16.80 USD$22.40 USD

Fantasy Ocean - 5D Diamond Painting Kit

$27.18 USD$32.61 USD

Jungle Animals - 5D Diamond Painting Kit

$20.40 USD$22.62 USD

Purple Butterflies - 5d Diamond Painting Kit

$17.40 USD$22.56 USD

Beautiful Roses - 5D DIamond Painting Kit

$18.40 USD$22.62 USD

Blue Owl - 5D Diamond Painting Kit

$27.18 USD$32.61 USD

Psychedelic Sunflower - 5D Diamond Painting Kit

$22.40 USD$30.90 USD

Mysterious Winter Owl and Wolf - 5D Diamond Painting Kit

$19.40 USD$20.31 USD

What Is Diamond Painting?

Cross Stitch meets Paint By Numbers! 5D Diamond Paintings let you create beautiful mosaics without needing to be an artist. Let your mind wander and feel the stress melt away as you create stunning DIY crystal art - one diamond at a time! Pick your canvas up and you're basically ready to create.

Our prime mission is bringing out creative talents hidden in every individual. We recognize the growing demand of art, so we have decided to make it accessible, easy and simple for everyone to have a chance to create the most stunning wall art using diamonds for paint and hanging their masterpieces on the walls.

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