Paint by Numbers Tipps

by John Painter on August 25, 2018

Did you think paint by numbers was just a case of following number by number and colour by colour? That’s not quite the case. There are several paint by numbers tips that can not only help you master your paint by numbers skills but can guide you to becoming an overall better artist.

An important thing to keep in mind when painting by numbers is to paint each colour at a time starting from the largest area to the smallest. By doing this you will not have to spend a lot of time washing paint brushes and wasting paint. Starting your painting from the top and working your way down also helps prevent any accidental smudging.

Another useful tip is to start with darkest to light colours or the other way around. This helps you to gain a deeper understanding of the composition of colours and how they affect one another. Be careful not to drown your brush in a paint bath – just a little will do just fine and will make the process easier for you so you are not risking excess paint dripping into restricted areas of your picture.

The final paint by numbers tip is to have fun with your project. Follow the rules but don’t be afraid to invent your own. Take your time and enjoy the thrill of transforming a blank outline into something luminescent and wonderful.

With our paint by numbers kits you can unwind, have fun, bond, learn and teach. Many of our customers enjoy this hobby as a group activity or relaxing time alone. Get lost in painting bright blue skies or fiery eyes. Whatever your interests – we’ve got a paint by numbers kit for you. Take up a new hobby, master new skills and set yourself out on the path to becoming a brilliant artist with projects that will keep you coming back for more.


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