The Importance of Painting In Preschool

by John Painter on November 09, 2018
Painting is a big part of the little dreamer life. Painting is much more than a simple activity. It is a way for different types of children to express themselves in their own special way. Painting also helps children use their senses, express emotion, explore process and outcomes, explore color, and create aesthetically pleasing works and experiences. The paintbrush becomes an instrument of inner peace allowing the creative process to allow both good and bad feelings from the artist. As a child paints, both sides of the brain are engaged, strengthening the connection between the two hemispheres. Here, Evan and Lauren used their bodies as the canvas. They enjoyed the feeling of the cool paint gliding across their arms. Β Next time your child brings a new picture home, remember that art is a language and that painting benefits children emotionally, mentally, physiologically, and spiritually.

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