Paint by Numbers – Painting Made Easy

by John Painter on April 16, 2019

Paint by Numbers – Painting Made Easy

Enjoyable art therapy experience to help you create professional quality paintings

Art therapy, as the name suggests, is a method of psychotherapy delivered through a form of visual art either by painting or observing it. Unlike most other forms of psychotherapies, however, art therapy by painting can be done even without the presence of a professional therapist. Anybody can draw using nothing but pencil and a sheet of paper, or using simple painting equipment available from just about every stationery or hobby store.

Some of the well-documented benefits of painting activity are as follows:

  • Creativity development: according to American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine, it is never too late to train the right-side of the brain even if you have been mostly an analytical and methodical person, the characteristics commonly associated to left-brained individuals. Right-brained people tend to be more artistic, creative, and intuitive. Painting is also a great stress reliever even for those who are currently in recovery process from brain injury.

  • Brain exercise: the act of creating arts (in this case painting) has positive effects to the brain in the same way that physical workout trains the body. If regular exercise improves overall physical health, strength, and endurance, painting helps make and keep the brain sharp, according to Ashford University.

  • Psychological resilience: a study of 28 participants conducted in the rooms of the Art Education Department of the Museums and Germanisches Nationalmuseum in Nuremberg (Germany) confirmed that the act of creating artworks – particularly painting – was related to significant improvement in psychological resilience. The simpler act of observing also gave somewhat similar effect, albeit at much smaller scale.

  • You don’t have to be under psychological distress of any sort to engage in the activity; as mentioned earlier, painting is like a workout for the brain. Thanks to Paint by Numbers for Adults, you can produce professional quality paintings in relatively short timeframe without difficulties. The painting kits from the company are designed to help anybody – even those with untrained hands – not only to paint great artworks, but also enjoy the experience at the same time and get rewarding results too.


    How it Works

    Every painting kit consists of a canvas, a multitude of paints in numbered containers, brushes, hanging kit (frame not included), and an instruction. There is already a pre-printed sketch on the canvas, but the lines are thin enough that they would be easily covered by the acrylic-based paints. Every section of the sketch is also numbered just like the canisters. All you need to do is apply the correct colors that correspond to the numbers indicated on the canvas. Think of it as a coloring page, but you use real paint and brush instead of coloring pencils; therefore what you get at the end is a real work of art painted using acrylic-based colors that perfectly resembles the image you see on the box. This way anyone can be a great artist.


    Paint by Numbers for Adults offers a wide range of kits with many different themes including but not limited to Landscape, Flowers, Animals, Oceans and Rivers, Movies, and Romance.

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